Meet the Advisors

Russell Snella
CEO and Founder
Information Technologist

Russell has spent his career in the constantly-changing world of IT. He began his IT journey by creating his own digital program that made printing more efficient. This sparked his love for technology and efficiency-making programs. He took his inquisitive nature to sales and designed a point-of-sale program that increased his client’s customer satisfaction scores and made them more effective.
His technology acumen and ability to improve customer service led him to the automotive industry. This is where he learned about the business of call centers and how they can increase customer satisfaction and lead to more sales. During that time, he also developed software that allowed the parent company and the sales team to communicate more effectively.
Russell’s talents eventually led him away from the automotive industry. He took the knowledge he gleaned from manufacturing and customer service to the private social clubs sector. Through data, he discovered the habits of its members and worked with the marketing department to provide better member services which increased member satisfaction. Additionally, he developed an off-site private cloud service that ran all the data center computers remotely which increased revenue and decreased output.
He is now on a quest to solve your technology challenges.